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Playful English© for children from 3-6 years

Young children master spoken English in a fun three level SuperTots course ; providing a solid base for even the youngest of children learning English for the first time and teaches them to speak English with confidence.

They are not even aware they are learning; its so much fun!

Course overview

Our three level SuperTots program is using a range of activities that engage children’s minds, bodies and emotions and will also help with their intellectual and social development.

This program contains an engaging mix of fun activities, lively songs, chants, games and optional crafts to keep children motivated.

All textbooks are systematically arranged from low to higher levels and specially designed for young children to help them develop language skills through a more stable process.

Children use their imagination and creativity as they become involved with the ongoing characters in SuperTots.

The vocabulary teaching is very interesting through funny and simple illustrations and games of matching names to objects, lovely animals and fruits to help children memorize vocabulary right in class.

Children are taught pronunciation lessons and then practice some communication sentences from simple to a little more complex levels to improve their reflex skills in English.

Young learners build solid communication skills through songs and lively animated episodes that allow them to easily absorb authentic dialogues and language. Supplemented with classroom conversations, fun learning activities and games, children learn to speak English easily and naturally.

Learning materials

The course learning set consists minimal of:
  • Relevant level Study Book
  • SmartKids Jolly-Phonics
  • Activity/Resource Books
  • CD

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Period 16 weeks
Lessons 90 minutes – twice a week
Price  VND 8.5 million
Start January / August
Class size Max 15
Teachers Foreign
Assistant Vietnamese


Mid course Entries are possible, depending on existing English level.

Pearson Longman
Cambridge English
British Council IELTS