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Welcome to SmartKids

International Child Care Centres SmartKids is an early child-hood centre with over 10 years of success providing English spoken daycare to thousands of children covering 43 nationalities.

SmartKids Playful-English© offers the same playbased–learning by teaching English to children of all ages.

The main emphasis of our lessons is the communicative use of language with a particular focus on new vocabulary and the development of speaking and listening skills.

Our courses are combining study books from the world’s leading publishers of study books English, with our early childhood specialists approach on coaching young children; which results in providing a solid base for even the youngest children who are learning English for the first time.

Kids love learning at SmartKids.

Parental Quotes

“When my daughter Jacqueline (2.5 years), joined SmartKids she did not speak a words of English; now she is fluent for a 3.5 year old.”

“My son Jaceck (5 1/2 years), has begun to translate for us, its almost embarrassing but we are still very proud.”

Pearson Longman
Cambridge English
British Council IELTS