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Upbeat English for children from 12-19

Our UPBEAT program is a bright, innovative, easy-to-use four-level course that reflects the lives and experiences of modern teenagers. Upbeat stimulates learning and broadens children’s horizons through lessons that engage both intellectually and emotionally.

Course overview

We recognize that different children have different learning styles. This course offers a wide variety of exercise types to cater for these different approaches to learning. Children who are visual learners will appreciate the colourful character photos and attractive design. Auditory learners will relate to the recorded dialogues and texts in the Study Book and the songs in the Motivator.

The syllabus contains a balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary and communication activities, with comprehensive practice of the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The language objective boxes in the Revision sections encourage learner independence.

The Multi-ROM accompanies the Students Book, providing a self-access resource of extra practice for use at home and at school. Video extracts accompany exercises and students can check their scores. It also includes audio CD material for Workbook exercises, Problem-solving activities, cultural lessons, realistic communication practice. Extra exercises for fast finishers and those supporting weaker students, and a unique Magic Bookmark to aid grammar learning.

This is a high development step for teen students upon completing courses in the UPBEAT English program and enables them to:

  • Improve and develop comprehensively all four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Have a good preparation for advanced English courses and get a high score in international exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, and TOEIC to realize their dream of study abroad.
  • Build up vocabulary in various fields and broaden knowledge and understanding through different topics in class.
  • Develop their analytical, evaluation and public speaking skills.
  • Develop teamwork and life skills through extra-curricular activities.
  • Have real experiences to apply English to all contexts and appreciate life value through field trip programs.

Learning materials

The course learning set consists minimal of:
  • Student Book
  • Activity/Resource Book(s)
  • CD


Pearson Longman
Cambridge English
British Council IELTS